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Any Apple product can be fixed by us be it MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina model and etc. We are located near Dubai. We are known for the efficient services provided by us and we are proud to say that we are the only people dealing with such sorts of issues. We are popular for the relationship that we have built with the customers.

We are here to repair your Apple device’s no matter to what extent it is damaged. We are always delighted to cater our services and help you walk through the problem. We first analyse the issue and then decide the price, and only if the customer is okay with it we move ahead. The prices that we fix are extremely reasonable, customer friendly and economical.


The personnel that we own are highly qualified and experienced, and deal with such issues almost on daily basis. Therefore, no matter how critical the issue is, the job will be done with ease through us!

We understand your difficulty to work without your device and therefore, we almost fix every product within the same day. The services provided by us are always guaranteed, as we only use materials that are of high quality and eminence.

Keeping our customers happy is one of the chief goals, as we will not be anything without them and we are everything what we are today only because of them. Therefore every issue whether small or big, is handled with care and with same attention.

MacBook Repair Experts is a Nationwide Service Center for Macbook Pro & laptop repair. We repair all Apple, Hp, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Compaq, Dell, Notebooks as well as other brands. Our efficiency is almost 100%.

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